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CORE Website Redesign
New Look. New Resources. Same Mission.

It may be the same URL, but just got a brand new look!

CORE is pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved website. The updated site is designed to make CO resources easy to locate and download through a streamlined, user-friendly interface and an enhanced search tool. The site is now scalable to fit all mobile platforms and allow access from phones, tablets, or other devices.

CORE’s mission is to provide resources for better refugee resettlement, and a website that’s easy to navigate is integral in achieving this task.

New features on the website include:

Enhanced Search Filter – the search function in the main navigation and the categories and tags on all of the CO Resources make it easier to find what you want and need when providing your clients with invaluable information.

CO Resources Front and Center – on the homepage, the most recent CO resources are front and center, so you can jump right to CORE’s latest products.

Please note that all CO resources available on the CORE website are free to access, download, and use!

New Resources for Refugees:
Role of the Resettlement Agency, Education, and Housing

The CORE team has created three new fact sheets as a part of our Resources for Refugees series. These newly developed resources cover Cultural Orientation topics – What is a Resettlement Agency?Education in the United States, and Housing in the United States – identified as a priority by CO leaders at Resettlement Support Centers and Resettlement Agencies. CORE will cover more CO topics in fact sheets published in the coming months.

Our goal in producing these fact sheets is to augment CO instruction by providing concise and consistent information about topics that are often difficult for CO providers to convey and difficult for refugees to comprehend. With low-literacy levels common to some refugee populations in mind, CORE updated and simplified key CO content using short paragraphs and strong imagery as well as bulleted lists where appropriate.

We envision that these fact sheets can be placed in your waiting rooms, used to reinforce CO instruction, and aid your conversation with clients, as well as other stakeholders, as you discuss cultural adjustment in the United States.

These resources are currently available in English and Arabic and will be translated into other languages in the future. Like all CORE resources, they are free to access, download, print and use.

Avoiding Scams
Information for Recent Refugees and Immigrants

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) created resources to enable refugees and immigrants who have recently arrived in the United States to recognize, avoid, and report scams. The resources are available in multiple languages and available for download.
The resources include the following:

  • Quick tips to help recent refugees and immigrants avoid scams and protect their personal information.
  • How to spot a fake job offer.
  • How to spot dishonest people who pretend to be from the government.

Upcoming Resources

CORE is currently developing Syrian specific resources including a population backgrounder and a video. While there is a Syrian backgrounder available on the CORE website now, the increasing population of resettled Syrian refugees allows for a new approach based on demographic information and feedback received from service providers. Similar to CORE’s Central American Minors backgrounder, the document will provide valuable information and links to resources to support Resettlement Agency staff who receive and welcome Syrians. It will also aid others in the host communities – educators, health professionals, social workers, government officials, and members of the general public – who may be in engaged to help Syrian refugees adjust to life in the United States.

The video, designed to engage Syrian refugees receiving Cultural Orientation overseas, will be presented in a question and answer format. Resettlement Support Centers in Jordan and Turkey have provided video footage of Syrian CO students asking questions about life in the United States. Those questions will be answered by Syrian refugees who have already resettled in the U.S.

While these projects are in production, please feel free to provide input directly to CORE regarding any content that you feel should be included.

Upcoming Event

Members of the CORE team will attend the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Admissions Workshop in November. We will have a poster session as well as a breakout session on Cultural Orientation. If you plan to be there, please stop by and say hello!

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