Supporting Your Child in School Resources

Staff at a K-12 school welcoming a refugee family and their young child
Refugee family _SCarbo_KarenniRefugee_NewYork_

While the United States has much to offer in terms of educational opportunities, navigating the system can be challenging for refugee families arriving to the United States with school-aged children. To help CO providers and other staff working in refugee resettlement better respond to this need, CORE has developed a supplemental lesson plan and video on the subject of “Supporting Your Children in School.” These two new resources can be used together, alongside the Education Fact Sheet, Podcast and Slideshow available on CORE Resettlement Navigator. All resources are free to access, download, and use and are available in multiple languages.

To learn more about ways to use these new resources and what other CO providers are doing to address this topic, view CORE’s most recent webinar, “Supporting Your Child in School,” hosted on May 17th. The 16-minute recording is available here.

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