New Resources on Employment for Refugee Women

In order to achieve self-sufficiency, all adult refugees (18-64) who are able to work should be focused on finding employment, but does this always look the same for male and female refugees? In a new set of resources, CORE focuses on employment for refugee women, as a part of the Employment section of the CO curriculum.

The new suite of materials includes:

  • A NEW optional lesson plan, “Employment for Refugee Women”, which provides key messages, lesson objectives, and a series of activities and supporting materials for implementation. This lesson plan was developed in collaboration with RSC and RA CO leaders and is available on the CO Resource Exchange website.

Additional resources in this suite, which can be used in conjunction with this lesson plan or on their own, are available on CORE’s Resettlement Navigator website. These resources are ready to be shared directly with refugees in an initial orientation, a job training session, or in a traditional CO setting.

  • The “Employment for Refugee Women” fact sheet highlights the benefits of employment for female refugees and is available in six languages (Arabic, English, Farsi, Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, and Somali).
  • The “Employment for Refugee Women” podcast is an audio version of the fact sheet, which is optimal for refugees with low literacy. It is currently available in four languages (Arabic, English, Farsi, and Somali).
  • The companion Employment for Refugee Women video  showcases women refugees speaking about their experiences working in the United States. It is currently available in four languages (Arabic, English, Farsi, and Somali).

All resources are free to access, download, and use. Podcasts and videos in Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili will be coming soon. Join the webinar mentioned above on January 23rd or 25th for more information on how to integrate all these resources into CO.

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