Next week, CORE will continue our webinar series with “Employment for Refugee Women.” In this session, we will discuss the benefits and challenges female refugees face when seeking employment in the United States. We will also review CORE’s new resources on the subject (see below) and discuss how to apply them in various CO settings. The dates and times of the webinar sessions are provided below. Please click on the time to register.
Employment for Refugee Women
Tuesday, January 23rd, 8 a.m. EST
Thursday, January 25th, 2 p.m. EST
This webinar is part of CORE’s webinar series launched in December with “What’s in store at CORE?” and “Engaging with Refugees on First Amendment Rights.” Both webinars are available for viewing on CORE’s website here. You can also sign up for notifications on additional webinars here. The fourth webinar in this series will take place in March.