CORE Launches Settle In: A Cultural Orientation Mobile App for Refugees

A person holding an iPhone displaying the SettleIn app

CORE is proud to announce the launch of Settle In, a helpful digital resource for refugees to use during their resettlement journey to the United States. With short videos and interactive lessons, refugees can learn about a wide range of pre- and post-arrival Cultural Orientation topics and access valuable information on Resettlement Agency assistance, housing provisions, looking for a job, and more.

Settle In is an in-your-pocket travel companion that refugees can use to:

  • Complete interactive lessons on Cultural Orientation subjects
  • Keep track of their learning achievements
  • Learn in their own language

Settle In is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. Test your own knowledge of the U.S. resettlement and give refugees the tools they need to understand the resettlement process better.

Settle In is currently available in English and Arabic. More languages, content, and features will be added throughout the year.

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Refugee training
Refugee training

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