Make It Stick: CORE’s Answer to Delivering Interactive One-on-One Cultural Orientation

A resettlement case worker helping a refugee learn about life in the U.S.
Refugee resettlement
IRC Atlanta case manager Alaa Naji, a former refugee from Iraq.

One-on-one Cultural Orientation is an increasingly common part of today’s refugee resettlement experience. Without a group setting for learning, many Cultural Orientation providers are asking the question: “How can I maintain a dynamic learning experience for refugees that applies adult learning principles and includes student-centered activities?”

CORE’s newest online lesson, Delivering Interactive One-on-One CO, is here to help.

As a part of the new Make it Stick, Enhance Your Cultural Orientation series, this new lesson is designed to help staff explore one-on-one scenarios and identify strategies to improve Cultural Orientation sessions with one or two individuals. The lesson builds on the tips CORE shared in a two-page guide, How to Create Interactive One-on-One Cultural Orientation Sessionsreleased last year.

Access both the guide and the lesson today through CORE’s website. Registration is required for the course through CORE’s online learning platform.

Coming Soon: Virtual Practicum Course
In July, CORE will launch a virtual practicum course on Delivering Interactive One-on-One Cultural Orientation. A new CORE initiative, the virtual practicum is a four-week, hands-on blended learning experience led by CORE staff. Practicum participants will apply lessons aimed at enhancing refugees’ learning experiences in a one-on-one setting and discuss outcomes with their peers. Participants that complete the limited-enrollment course successfully will earn a certificate from CORE. More information about registration for the virtual practicum will be available later this month. Stay tuned!

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