CORE Offers “Delivering Interactive One-on-One Cultural Orientation” Virtual Practicum This Month

The second virtual practicum, “Delivering Interactive One-on-One Cultural Orientation,” started this month with 75 participants. The practicum is a four-week interactive instructor-led online course designed for domestic resettlement staff delivering Cultural Orientation. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance the delivery of their organization’s one-on-one Cultural Orientation, improve refugees’ learning experiences, and exchange knowledge with other staff in the field. 

Didn’t get a spot in this practicum? Here are two ways to take advantage of CORE’s resources on the topic to improve your Cultural Orientation delivery: 

  1. Review CORE’s Effective Practice on interactive one-on-one sessions. CORE offers tips to get you started and showcases examples provided by Resettlement Agencies.  
  1. Take the “Delivering Interactive One-on-One Cultural Orientation” lesson through CORE’s Cultural Orientation Certification Course. You must be registered for the course in able to access the content.