Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Refugees

The COVID-19 refugee health working group* has released new guidance on COVID-19, including key messages for each step of the resettlement process. Together they mapped the information in a new infographic for use by staff at Resettlement Support Centers overseas and Resettlement Agencies in the United States. The infographic also includes links to recommended resources, including CORE’s COVID-19 materials. The infographic will be updated as necessary to ensure that overseas and domestic resettlement partners have clear and accurate information.   

CORE’s COVID-19 FAQ page has also been updated to reflect the new procedures and guidance. Major changes include:

  • IOM, working with CDC, conducts COVID-19 testing for all refugees within 72 hours prior to their departure. 
  • Refugees who test positive or are close contacts to persons who test positive will wait the CDC-recommended isolation and quarantine periods before travel.  Refugees with COVID-19 will wait at least 10 days and refugees who are close contacts will wait at least 14 days.
  • Resettlement offices are expected to explain that CDC recommends that refugees either receive a post-arrival COVID test 3-5 days after arrival and stay at home for 7 days if the test is negative, or, if not tested, stay at home for 10 days after arrival. Regardless, refugees should continue to monitor their health for 14 days after arrival.

For additional COVID-19 information, including a Cultural Orientation lesson plan and resources in refugee languages, visit CORE’s COVID-19 page.

*The COVID-19 refugee health working group includes representation from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, The Office of Refugee Resettlement, The International Organization for Migration, and CORE.