Cultural Adjustment added to CORE’s Activity Bank

Portrait of a refugee family standing in their home. IRC/AOberstadt

Activities for teaching Cultural Adjustment are now available in CORE’s Activity Bank, including updated activities around identity, diversity, cross-cultural communication, and the use of the U-Curve of Cultural Adjustment. Building on lessons learned during CORE’s Virtual Practicum: Creating Inclusive Cultural Orientation, this page includes tips for Cultural Orientation providers on how to more effectively navigate this topic as a whole. You can use the activities to create Cultural Orientation sessions that meet the language and literacy needs of your participants, integrate digital technology, and apply adult-learning and student-centered learning principles. 

The Activity Bank also includes the following topics: Education, HealthCOVID-19Role of the Resettlement Agency, U.S. Laws, Employment, and Money Management. CORE will continue to add other Cultural Orientation topics in the coming months.