New Toolkit: How to Use a Whole-Office Approach to Cultural Orientation

Cultural orientation providers learning about the refugee resettlement process during a CORE workshop

While the term “Cultural Orientation” usually refers to a specific class or set of sessions in the refugee resettlement program, refugees hear key Cultural Orientation messages at all stages of their journey. As such, it’s important that all resettlement staff contribute to reinforcing key Cultural Orientation messages and provide the same accurate information to limit the spread of misinformation. To help your office take a Whole-Office Approach to Cultural Orientation, CORE created a new toolkit with tips, team-building activities, and action plans.

This toolkit will help your office:

  • Increase refugee engagement on key Cultural Orientation topics during the resettlement process in between face-to-face appointments
  • Harmonize resettlement and Cultural Orientation messaging so that refugees receive the same information
  • Increase the quality, quantity, and methods for delivering resettlement and Cultural Orientation information to refugees

Check out the Whole-Office Approach to Cultural Orientation toolkit to learn more and get started.