Updated COVID-19 Infographic and FAQs for Cultural Orientation

A image of the COVID-19 Refugee Resettlement infographic

Cultural Orientation providers are expected to continue delivering information on COVID-19 transmission and prevention, in addition to general information on the COVID-19 vaccine. The following resources are now updated to reflect the latest guidance and information on COVID-19 vaccine messaging:

  • CORE’s COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions page:  This page provides answers to questions Cultural Orientation providers may receive during both pre-departure and post-arrival Cultural Orientation.
  • COVID-19 Refugee Health Resource Infographic: This infographic provides a snapshot of key messages and resources provided to refugees at each step of the resettlement process. The QR code included in the graphic allows service providers to access the most updated version posted on the CORE website and access the links included on the second page.

These resources are a product of close coordination between federal partners, including CDC, IOM, PRM, ORR, and CORE, along with NRC-RIM.