4 Steps to Prepare for Increased Arrivals

As you prepare to deliver Cultural Orientation for increased arrivals, you may have a variety of feelings, such as excitement and nervousness. CORE identified four steps to help you, your team, and your community prepare.

  1. Update your onboarding procedures for new staff to include CORE’s Provider Onboarding Toolkit and ask new staff to sign up for the CORE Connection Newsletter. All new subscribers will now receive a special set of customized messages on delivering effective Cultural Orientation.
  2. Watch CORE’s latest webinar, Building Cultural Orientation Programs for Increased Arrivals, which includes best practices from Cultural Orientation providers and steps to create an action plan using CORE’s Rapid Assessment worksheet. To access the assessment worksheet, you must be registered through CORE’s Learning Platform.
  3. Use CORE’s Activity Bank to streamline Cultural Orientation planning and ensure activities are engaging and interactive, while also meeting learning needs. Quickly access modifications and tips for all activities and direct links to CORE materials and resources.
  4. Take a whole-office approach to Cultural Orientation delivery. Delivering Cultural Orientation key messages is not limited to the classroom. Each core service provides a learning opportunity. Review CORE’s list of touchpoints to identify opportunities for all staff to deliver Cultural Orientation messaging.