New Activities on Digital Technology and Literacy

Are you looking for new and engaging ways to teach newcomers about digital technology? Explore and incorporate CORE’s new activities on digital technology and literacy in your next Cultural Orientation session. Activities on this page promote engagement and student-centered learning and support the following key messages:  

  • Newcomers may encounter digital technology in many different settings as they resettle into their new communities, including accessing public benefits and community-based services, searching for jobs, banking, and engaging with their Resettlement Agency. 
  • Basic digital skills that would benefit newcomers include setting up an email account and navigating the internet. 
  • Other digital skills that may be advantageous to develop include: applying for jobs online, paying bills online, scheduling appointments, and accessing school websites and language-learning resources. 
  • Newcomers should understand the risks of accessing digital technology and learn how to mitigate these risks, including accessing reputable online resources, identifying scams, and not sharing private information on non-secure websites. 

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