New Toolkit for Community Partners and Sponsors

Jacqueline’s daughter, Christelle, 23, and her friend Charlee Andree, 16, dance. Jacqueline Uwumeremyi, 43, fled the Democratic Republic of Congo to South Africa in 1998 because of escalating violence. In South Africa, Jacqueline faced constant xenophobia and feared for her and her family's safety. She and her children were resettled in Boise by the IRC in October 2018. There, she was welcomed by the local church community who helped Jacqueline navigate American customs and culture. Today, Jacqueline works as an interpreter, speaking five languages, and she is now the one helping other refugees adapt to their new community.Cultural Orientation community partners and sponsors resources for community partners and sponsors

Integrating Cultural Orientation throughout the resettlement process helps newcomers retain the information that is essential to adapt to their new lives and achieve self-sufficiency. To assist community partners and sponsors in this effort, CORE released a new Cultural Orientation toolkit to guide those who work with newcomers. The toolkit will help users incorporate key Cultural Orientation messages while providing direct resettlement services to newcomers during their first 90 days. This includes suggestions for incorporating Cultural Orientation messages into 25 early resettlement services. Sponsors may also use the Cultural Orientation activities checklist to track which activities group members facilitate. 

For more guidance, watch the recording of CORE’s webinar: Introducing the Cultural Orientation Toolkit.