Community Cultural Orientation in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Canopy Northwest Arkansas Staff

This year, Canopy Northwest Arkansas (Canopy NWA) has taken community engagement and Cultural Orientation to the next level. 

With 95% of arrivals at Canopy NWA matched with support teams, the organization’s early resettlement service model means that community members work alongside the case management team. Over the past four months, Canopy NWA has also worked with CORE to enhance Cultural Orientation delivery.  

Through the Community Cultural Orientation pilot, Canopy NWA worked with CORE to apply a community-based approach to Cultural Orientation. The community-based approach expands upon CORE’s principles of the Cultural Orientation continuum and the whole-office approach to deliver effective Cultural Orientation. 

Community members use CORE resources, including the Cultural Orientation Toolkit, to reinforce key Cultural Orientation messages that are taught in Canopy NWA’s domestic Cultural Orientation curriculum.  These resources have been integrated into sponsorship training manuals, making it easy for community members to play an integral role in Cultural Orientation delivery.  As a part of this pilot, CORE has also created fact sheets for other community members, including law enforcement and educators.  

CORE thanks Canopy NWA staff for their participation in the Community Cultural Orientation Pilot. Currently, the Cultural Orientation Toolkit for Community Partners and Sponsors is available on CORE’s website. Be sure to check CORE Connection in the coming months for more community-based resources.