Now Available: New Cultural Adjustment Resources

You can now access new resources covering essential topics around Cultural Adjustment. Find a new chapter on the Settle In app (desktop, Apple, Android) and a new fact sheet, video, and podcast on the Settle In website. These resources support refugees in learning about the phases of cultural adjustment and life in the United States. Resources are available in Arabic, Burmese, Dari, English, Kinyarwanda, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Pashto.  All videos can be accessed on CORE’s YouTube channel as well. 

Not sure how to use these resources in your work? Find tips and ideas below to help you integrate these resources in your Cultural Orientation delivery and make your sessions more engaging: 

  • Find a variety of activities, complete lesson plans, and additional resources in CORE’s Activity Bank.
  • Explore how you can use the Settle In website and mobile app to teach topics around Cultural Adjustment 
  • Learn how you can Integrate digital technology in Cultural Orientation to enhance your sessions and reinforce key messages 
  • Learn more about CORE’s refugee-facing resources by browsing CORE’s Working with Refugees page