CORE Launches Settle In for Ukrainians to Support New Arrivals

Newly arrived Ukrainians resettling in the United States now have more resources for information as they adjust to their new communities.  

Settle In for Ukrainians, an initiative launched by the Cultural Orientation Resource Exchange, is designed to directly engage newly arrived Ukrainians resettling in the United States. Settle In serves as a touchpoint to disseminate vital, correct information in an interactive format tied to early resettlement services, employment, housing, and education. In addition to posts and the ability to directly message with trained and experienced Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking Digital Community Liaisons, Settle In for Ukrainians will host live-stream events on Facebook.  

Ukrainians can also access information through the Settle In website and the Help Center, available in Ukrainian and Russian.  

The initiative is focused on providing post-arrival information ONLY and will NOT serve as a hub for providing guidance about the process for Ukrainians looking to resettle to the United States. The platform is not an emergency helpline and does not provide direct services. 

For those working with newly arrived Ukrainians, please share the following promotional materials and links so they can access information and message directly with the Settle In team: