Settle In Live Events Recap

Did you miss the recent Settle In live events about preparing children for school and renting in the U.S.? Don’t worry, CORE has recordings available!  

Topic: Preparing Your Child for the School Year

This 30-minute live event provides an overview of the school system in the U.S., how to enroll children in school, and ways to become involved in children’s education. Watch the English event here. 

Topic: Renting in the U.S. 

This 30-minute live event discusses the different types of rental housing in the U.S., the affordable housing crisis, affordable housing programs, and how to rent a housing unit. Watch the English event here.

Settle In live events serve as an additional touchpoint for newcomers to receive post-arrival Cultural Orientation messaging that is based upon the Cultural Orientation Objective and Indicators (CO O&Is). CORE’s previous Settle In live events can be easily accessed on the Settle In YouTube channel. You can share events with newcomers, incorporate the live event during Cultural Orientation sessions or learn more about services in the U.S. The content for the live events is the same for all languages. You can use the English version with interpreters to share the event with any population.  

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