CORE Launches Settle In: A Cultural Orientation Mobile App for Refugees

A person holding an iPhone displaying the SettleIn app

CORE is proud to announce the launch of Settle In, a helpful digital resource for refugees to use during their resettlement journey to the United States. With short videos and interactive lessons, refugees can learn about a wide range of pre- and post-arrival Cultural Orientation topics and access valuable information on Resettlement Agency assistance, housing provisions, […]

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Employment for Refugee Women

A resettled Rwandan refugee at work

The CORE Webinar Series continued in January with a focus on “Employment for Refugee Women.” The interactive webinar saw our highest attendance to date, and recordings of both webinars are now available for viewing. On this page, you can also access recordings of our previous webinars, and sign up to receive special webinar updates and […]

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CORE Online CO Certification Course Updates

Cultural orientation providers looking through Cultural Orientation materials online

CORE is pleased to announce the second Online Cultural Orientation (CO) Certification Course is now available. The intermediate course provides foundational knowledge of adult learning concepts that contribute to effective delivery of CO.  The three lessons of the intermediate course explore: Knowles’ Six Principles of Adult Learning Student-Centered versus Teacher-Centered Learning Cognitive Load and How […]

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Coming Soon!

A hand holding an iPhone displaying the SettleIn mobile app

As a part of CORE’s Refugee Communications project, we will soon launch Settle In: a mobile app that will act as a digital bridge connecting the pre-departure and post-arrival experiences for refugees while providing a more personalized CO experience. CORE envisions that the Settle In mobile app will: Enhance understanding and retention of vital resettlement information; Increase touch […]

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CORE Cultural Orientation Knowledge Exchange Workshop Series

A pair of cultural orientation trainers teaching a class of recently resettled refugees at IRC office in Boise. IRC/Jonathan McBride

CORE is excited to announce that, in February, we will be hitting the road for our first CO Knowledge Exchange Workshop Series. The workshop series is an opportunity for domestic CO providers and other resettlement staff to interact with CORE staff and CO colleagues at other resettlement offices. Workshop sessions will promote knowledge exchange, address common challenges, […]

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CORE’s Webinar Series Continues in January

IRC staff members accessing a CORE fact sheet online

Next week, CORE will continue our webinar series with “Employment for Refugee Women.” In this session, we will discuss the benefits and challenges female refugees face when seeking employment in the United States. We will also review CORE’s new resources on the subject (see below) and discuss how to apply them in various CO settings. […]

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Join us for CORE’s NEW Webinar Series

An IRC community engagement coordinator working at a day center for asylum seeking families

CORE is excited to announce the launch of its webinar series focused on engaging CO providers with tools, practical experience, and access to best practices. The first session, “What’s in store at CORE?” will be on December 6th, followed by a second webinar on December 13th, “Engaging with Refugees on First Amendment Rights.”  Both webinars […]

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Civics Lessons for Refugees: First Amendment Rights

A police officer speaking to refugees about community services during a cultural orientation class

Many refugees who come to the United States are unfamiliar with the laws that protect their rights, and once they arrive, need encouragement to engage with their new government with trust. These topics are addressed in the U.S. Laws and Cultural Adjustment sections of the CO curriculum. To aid CO providers looking for innovative ways […]

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New Cultural Orientation Assessment Handbook Available

A group of volunteers attending new cultural orientation provider training

As a helpful training tool for CO providers in resettlement offices who want to better understand the CO assessment process, CORE has developed The Cultural Orientation Assessment Handbook. The United States Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) requires that CO programs in the United States assess student learning after CO instruction […]

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