Professional Development

Online CO Certification Course

CORE will soon launch the online Cultural Orientation (CO) Certification Course for CO providers, a self-paced, interactive training experience divided into lessons which will establish foundational knowledge of the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) and support the professionalization of CO delivery at Resettlement Support Centers overseas and at Resettlement Agencies in the United States. Learners may take whatever lessons serve their needs in any order. Those who want to earn CORE certification must take all three of the lessons in the tier and then pass its final exam with a score of 85% or better. These courses will be available for free to all registered users. Register today to be notified when course is available.

Introductory Level – Coming Soon

Lesson 1 – The Refugee Resettlement Journey
Lesson 2 – Cultural Orientation Defined
Lesson 3 – Interpretation

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