Information and Resources for Working with Darfuri Refugees


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This 27 minute video profiles refugees from who discuss their experiences learning English, finding employment, housing and community, understanding rights and responsibilities, and the long process of resettlement. It would be useful for Darfuri refugees abroad or recently arrived, as well as anybody who wants some insight into the challenges and opportunities that refugees in general face.


  1. Some of the speakers in the video talked about their day and what they do during the day. How are their days different from your daily schedule? How do you think your daily schedule might be different in the U.S. than before? How do you feel about these potential changes?
  2. In the video, you saw and heard about U.S. schools. How is this different from your previous educational experiences? How do you think your children would adapt? As a parent, how can you support your children in their new experiences at school?
  3. What kinds of jobs did the speakers in the video have? How did they feel about their jobs? Picture yourself doing the types of work some of the speakers in the video were doing. How do you feel about this type of work?
  4. Some speakers in the video talked about supporting their family: their children, their spouse, their parents, etc. Why is this important? What changes may your family find in the U.S.? How can you and your family think about supporting each other?
  5. What were some of the key messages from the video? How do you think these messages relate to you and your own experiences?