Effective Practice Series

CORE’s Effective Practice Series aims to support the development of more effective CO delivery. Documents draw on teaching and implementation practices which have shown positive results and success in achieving CO Objectives and Indicators. CORE provides this information through the documentation of promising practices with  step-by-step guidance for implementing the identified practice and how to guides. All effective practice documentation draws on experiences from CO providers. Click on the image to download a high-resolution copy suitable for printing. As with all CORE resources, these are free to download and use.

How to Create Interactive One-on-One CO Sessions

This document considers what happens when group CO sessions are not possible and provides tips to create one-on-one CO sessions that are interactive, engaging, and encourage community integration and overall self-sufficiency.

Additional learning opportunities on this topic are in development for 2019.

Promising Practice:  Delivering Gender-Segregated Cultural Orientation Sessions

This document examines the practice of conducting gender-segregated CO sessions. These types of sessions allow CO providers to address common barriers that prevent women from attending or participating in CO, while also enhancing learning through content customization and the creation of a positive learning environment.

A webinar on this topic will be coming soon.

Promising Practice:  Including Guests From the Community

This document focuses on how inviting guests from the community can make CO more relevant to your learners, and also increase their engagement with CO. Guests from the community can also help reinforce key messages and may be used to address specific population needs.

A recorded webinar discussing this promising practice is available on CORE’s webinar series page.