Pre-Departure Cultural Orientation Sample Learning Assessment Tools

As a part of the Pre-Departure Cultural Orientation Learning Assessment Toolkit CORE has included assessments that can be used to measure learning during Cultural Orientation. While assessments have been presented as separate stand-alone formal assessments, any of these assessments could be used in combination with each other and adapted as informal assessments. The key consideration is that it is accessible to all learners, and is implemented in a consistent way for RSCs to examine learning of participants during pre-departure Cultural Orientation. Click on the image or title to access the different sample learning assessment tools.

Sample Formal Assessment 1 – Complex Closed Questions

The following assessment will work better with high-literacy participants who have experience with formal testing. However, it can be adapted for other groups.

Sample Formal Assessment 2 – Simple Closed Questions

The following assessment could be adapted for low literacy participants and those with less experience with testing.

Sample Formal Assessment 3 – Open Questions

The following assessment is an open question assessment, which could be adapted across literacy groups (administered as a written or oral assessment).

Sample Formal Assessment 4 – Visually-Based Questions

The following assessment allows participants to use photos to respond to questions. This type of assessment can be more time-consuming to design, complete, grade, and input data. Because of the resources, this assessment may be best in a one-on-one setting, although it could also be adapted and used as an informal assessment with pair or group work.