Resources for Refugees

In order to increase and enhance communications touch points with refugees during the resettlement journey and to harmonize CO messaging across the resettlement continuum, CORE has launched the Refugee Communications project.

As part of this effort, CORE has created a Resources for Refugees initiative which makes available a variety of multimedia refugee-facing resources directly targeting refugees themselves through the CORE Resettlement Navigator website. These resources are also available to all refugee resettlement staff at Resettlement Support Centers (RSCs), Resettlement Agencies (RAs), and partner organizations who may want to use these resources as they work with refugees. For convenience, all resources can be found on the For Providers information hub page of the website. These resources are intended to augment, not replace, face-to-face Cultural Orientation at RSCs and RAs.

The two animated videos below, which provide an overview of both the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) and Reception and Placement (R&P) process, are an example of the resources on that are accessible to refugees and the staff who support them.

USRAP Overview

R&P Overview

Using CORE’s Resources for Refugees

CORE’s Resources for Refugees prioritize visual simplicity and design clarity; low-literacy and low digital literacy needs; and cultural and linguistic adaptability.

Resources are available as a suite with the same information available as a printable PDF fact sheet, a slideshow, or a podcast to accommodate refugee reading levels and digital access. Service providers are encouraged to direct refugees toward the CORE Resettlement Navigator website and to use any of the Resources for Refugees to reinforce face-to-face instruction. CORE will continue to add new resources and languages. Please check back often for new resources and sign up for CORE’s eNewsletter here.

All resources available on are free to access, download, and use!