Refugee Communications Tools

Refugee Communications Tools

The following CORE tools are designed to assist organizations establish a strategic, integrated approach to communicate critical information to refugees about the resettlement process.

This initiative focuses on increasing touch points with refugee applicants, harmonizing resettlement and Cultural Orientation messaging, and increasing the quality, quantity, and methods for delivering resettlement and Cultural Orientation information.

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Refugee Communications Challenges

During the resettlement process, refugees need vital information to prepare for and adjust to life in the United States. They need this information when their attention may be divided as their living circumstances are significantly changing and their mental resources are likely stretched. This may make it difficult for them to retain new concepts. Under these challenging circumstances, resettlement staff must ensure that refugees consistently receive accurate information.

Refugee Communications Solutions

Organizations can overcome these challenges by empowering all staff—from caseworkers and health and employment specialists to those responsible for delivering Cultural Orientation—to utilize these tools.

Using Refugee Communications Tools

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Refugee Communication Resources