About CORE


The Cultural Orientation Resource Exchange (CORE) provides Cultural Orientation information, materials, and instruction to Resettlement Support Centers and Reception and Placement Agencies and their affiliates. We also support a community of practice for the geographically dispersed staff who teach Cultural Orientation across the United States and around the world. Through CORE, best and promising practices on delivering Cultural Orientation are documented and exchanged to ensure standards of excellence that enhance and expedite the refugee resettlement experience.

CO students at desk

What We Do

We conduct research on the background and needs of specific refugee populations. We document and share effective Cultural Orientation practices. We assess the needs and capacity of and offer professional development training to cultural orientation providers. We facilitate knowledge exchange and enhance communication about Cultural Orientation.

Our Products

We provide refugee backgrounders, case studies of best and promising practices, videos, and other multimedia materials that assist Cultural Orientation instructors, service providers, and refugees. We offer webinars and online courses and host face-to-face workshops and conferences. We share survey reports and Cultural Orientation news through an eNewsletter, and we host and moderate an online community of practice.

Our Results

Through our work, Cultural Orientation providers can enhance their skills and increase their knowledge. We help them stay informed and connected to their peers. The Cultural Orientation they provide to refugees is then better coordinated, more consistent, and higher quality. And the refugee newcomers are better prepared, more informed, and more empowered to meet the transition challenges of their new lives in the U.S.

Our Impact

We believe that when refugees receive appropriate, realistic, and timely Cultural Orientation instruction, they can thrive and become engaged, empowered members of their communities.