More Resources to Support Afghan Arrivals

Pashto Videos for Cultural Orientation Now Available Resettlement staff and volunteers can now access nine Pashto videos covering essential topics such as education, employment, housing, healthcare, public transportation, and the role of the resettlement agency. The videos are available on CORE’s YouTube channel as a playlist. Additionally, CORE has a full array of Dari fact […]

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Register Today: Cultural Orientation for Afghan Arrivals Webinar

Webinar: Cultural Orientation for Afghan Arrivals, Tuesday, October 5th 1 -2 p.m. EDT How is the Cultural Orientation continuum responding to the Afghan arrivals? In this webinar, learn about developments in key Cultural Orientation messaging taking place before departure to local Resettlement Agencies. You will also receive guidance on covering Cultural Orientation for Afghans served […]

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How to Use Settle In Facebook with Afghan Arrivals

Settle In Facebook, an initiative launched by CORE, is designed to directly engage newly arrived Afghans resettling in the United States. This platform serves as another touchpoint to disseminate vital, correct information in an interactive format tied to early resettlement services, employment, housing, and education. In addition to posts and the ability to direct message […]

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4 Steps to Prepare for Increased Arrivals

As you prepare to deliver Cultural Orientation for increased arrivals, you may have a variety of feelings, such as excitement and nervousness. CORE identified four steps to help you, your team, and your community prepare. Update your onboarding procedures for new staff to include CORE’s Provider Onboarding Toolkit and ask new staff to sign up […]

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Responding to Increased Arrivals from Afghanistan

refugees arriving

As you prepare to receive Afghans evacuated as a part of Operation Allies Welcome, CORE has compiled a list of tips and resources that you and your organization may find helpful to use in delivering Cultural Orientation and other early resettlement services.  Prepare staff and volunteers  Share CORE’s Provider Onboarding page as a guide for training new […]

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Top 3 Resources for Onboarding New Cultural Orientation Staff

Will you be onboarding new Cultural Orientation providers soon? Make sure you take advantage of the CORE resources to streamline and simplify your process. 1. Provider Onboarding Toolkit The Provider Onboarding page, updated earlier this year, is an ideal jumping-off point to ensure you are successfully implementing effective Cultural Orientation at your organization. The page […]

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Register Today: Building Cultural Orientation Programs for Increased Arrivals Webinar

A cultural orientation trainer teaching refugees

Is your office ready to deliver Cultural Orientation when refugee arrivals increase? CORE’s Aug. 31 webinar will help new and experienced Cultural Orientation providers, along with program supervisors, think through how to ensure their Cultural Orientation program is set up for success. During the webinar, you will conduct an evaluation of your current Cultural Orientation program […]

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5 Tips for Addressing Vaccine Questions during Cultural Orientation

A healthcare worker gives a COVID vaccine to a patient at a mobile medicine clinic. IRC/Dereck Knowles

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues across the world, refugees may see Cultural Orientation as a safe place to ask questions and receive answers about the vaccine. Questions may range from the type of vaccines offered and its side effects to requirements for employment. Participants may also express hesitancy and have received misinformation on the […]

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Updated COVID-19 Infographic and FAQs for Cultural Orientation

A image of the COVID-19 Refugee Resettlement infographic

Cultural Orientation providers are expected to continue delivering information on COVID-19 transmission and prevention, in addition to general information on the COVID-19 vaccine. The following resources are now updated to reflect the latest guidance and information on COVID-19 vaccine messaging: CORE’s COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions page:  This page provides answers to questions Cultural Orientation providers […]

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Find New Activities for Housing and Transportation

A pair of refugee women riding a bus. IRC/EFichtner

Activities for teaching Housing and Transportation are now available in CORE’s Activity Bank. You can use the activities and other information to create Cultural Orientation sessions that meet the language and literacy needs of your participants while also applying adult-learning principles, student-centered learning, and integrating digital technology.  The Activity Bank also includes the following topics: Cultural Adjustment, Education, Health, COVID-19, Role of […]

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