CORE Launches a Cultural Orientation Activity Bank

A cultural orientation provider teaching a class of refugees. IRC/AOberstadt

Finding activities to keep participants engaged during Cultural Orientation sessions can be time-consuming, but they are essential for adult learners. To aid staff in delivering interactive Cultural Orientation sessions, CORE has created an Activity Bank where Cultural Orientation providers can explore activities, lesson plans, and additional resources on a variety of Cultural Orientation topics. You can use […]

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Refugee Resettlement during COVID-19: Trends and Practices

A health worker raises the awareness of patients waiting for their appointments outside a primary health care clinic. Photo/IRC

As the Coronavirus pandemic unfolded, Cultural Orientation providers and other resettlement staff in the United States developed innovative ways to support newly arrived clients. Meanwhile, at Resettlement Support Centers overseas, Cultural Orientation providers have the difficult task of preparing applicants for a resettlement journey fraught with even more uncertainties. As regular departures are set to […]

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Addressing Social Unrest, U.S. Laws, Diversity and Tolerance in Cultural Orientation Delivery

The death of George Floyd in Minnesota, the protest response, and the resulting social unrest may impact refugees in the United States in different ways. In light of the current events across the United States, CORE is reviewing our available resources and compiling external materials relevant to refugees and Cultural Orientation providers. CORE is working […]

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Settle In App Improves User Experience, Design

The latest version of CORE’s Settle In app, released last month, aims to enhance the user experience and also includes exciting new features.   Updates to Settle In include the following:  New Instructor Mode: Cultural Orientation providers should go to the Settings tab and turn on the new Instructor Mode. This will turn off push notifications so providers don’t receive the same encouragement to finish lessons. This […]

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