How to Use Settle In Facebook with Afghan Arrivals

Settle In Facebook, an initiative launched by CORE, is designed to directly engage newly arrived Afghans resettling in the United States. This platform serves as another touchpoint to disseminate vital, correct information in an interactive format tied to early resettlement services, employment, housing, and education.

In addition to posts and the ability to direct message with trained and experienced Dari and Pashto-speaking Digital Community Liaisons, Settle In Facebook will also host question and answer sessions, and livestream events. To help you better use the platform, review the list of tips below.

  1. Visit and like the page today to keep up with latest information, including when livestream events are announced.
  2. Share Settle In Facebook with U.S. ties, along with the links to CORE Resettlement Navigator and the Settle In mobile app. Inform U.S. ties that these resources help newcomers better understand early resettlement services and life in the United States.
  3. Ask staff and volunteers to share Settle In Facebook with clients using palm cards (Dari and English). When sharing, explain the purpose of the page and inform clients that they can like the page to receive notifications and updates.
  4. Incorporate information about Settle In Facebook into existing Cultural Orientation sessions.

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