Using ‘The Road Ahead’ to Streamline and Strengthen Cultural Orientation

CORE is excited to offer two upcoming webinars to support Cultural Orientation providers in using The Road Ahead, a domestic Cultural Orientation curriculum. Over the last year, many providers have started using The Road Ahead as their foundational resource, streamlining and strengthening their programming.  

These webinars are intended for domestic resettlement staff, with a focus on those who deliver Cultural Orientation sessions; however other individuals working in resettlement globally are welcome to register and learn more about this resource. Each webinar will be offered twice to accommodate different time zones.

Read more about each webinar, and register below! 

Starting with The Road Ahead

If you are new to The Road Ahead, join CORE for a 60-minute webinar on Thursday, July 25 to learn more about this resource and consider ways to use and adapt it to enhance your Cultural Orientation programming.

Participants will: 

  • Explore how to use The Road Ahead to strengthen and streamline Cultural Orientation delivery;
  • Learn ways to modify, adapt, and integrate The Road Ahead content and activities into current Cultural Orientation programming; and
  • Access related CORE resources that support Cultural Orientation planning.

Going Further on The Road Ahead

If you already have some experience using The Road Ahead, join CORE for a 60-minute webinar on Thursday, August 8th to learn more about ways to use, adapt, and modify the content to further enhance your Cultural Orientation programming.  

Participants will: 

  • Learn how other Cultural Orientation providers use and adapt The Road Ahead;
  • Explore the Keys to Effective Cultural Orientation using examples from The Road Ahead; and
  • Access templates to create review games, scenarios, and sorting activities.