Provider Onboarding

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Provider Onboarding


CORE developed The Cultural Orientation Provider Onboarding Toolkit to assist new Cultural Orientation providers and their supervisors prepare and navigate together the successful delivery of Cultural Orientation that is compliant, interactive and engaging, and adaptable to organizational needs. The toolkit expands on information and guidance provided in CORE’s Online Courses and is designed for collaborative use by both new providers and supervisors, offering a combination of online lessons, suggested in-person activities, and resources.

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Onboarding Tips for New Cultural Orientation Providers

New to delivering Cultural Orientation? This toolkit is designed to prepare you with the knowledge and skills to deliver interactive and engaging Cultural Orientation.


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Onboarding Tips for Supervisors

As a supervisor, it is important to understand the needs and skills of staff to provide effective, useful, and adaptive Cultural Orientation. These tips may help you onboard a new Cultural Orientation provider.


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Teaching Cultural Orientation

These posters provide visual summaries of key concepts to be applied during the delivery of Cultural Orientation. The information aligns with lessons available in the Online Certification Course. Posters can be printed either as 24 x 36 inch format, or scaled to fit standard 8.5 x 11 inch or A4 printer paper.

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