Burmese refugee young women reading the news at an IRC resource center in Myanmar


Settle In Live Events Recap

Did you miss the recent Settle In live events about preparing children for school and renting in the U.S.? Don’t worry, CORE has recordings available!   Topic: Preparing Your Child for the School Year This 30-minute live event provides an overview of the school system in the U.S., how to enroll children in school, and ways […]

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Settle In Live Events Recap

CORE Launches Updated Courses

Register Today: Introducing the New Domestic Cultural Orientation Curriculum

Rohingya Backgrounder Now Available!

Registration Open for U.S. Laws in Cultural Orientation Knowledge Exchange

Providers Pilot CORE’s New Domestic Curriculum

CORE Launches New YouTube Channel

Updated Resource: CORE Releases the Updated Multilingual Cultural Orientation Glossary

Registration Open for Digital Technology and Literacy Knowledge Exchange

Now Available: Ukrainian on Settle In App

Applying Cultural Humility, Awareness, and Competency in Refugee Resettlement

Register Today: CORE’s Cultural Orientation Objectives and Indicators Webinar Series

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