Resources for Community Partners and Sponsors

Resources for Community Partners and Sponsors

Cultural Orientation is a vital part of the resettlement process for newcomers resettling to the United States. The learning process of Cultural Orientation often begins overseas and continues upon arrival during the first 90 days and beyond. Welcoming communities, including community partners and sponsors (e.g. , co-sponsors, private sponsor groups, and sponsor circles) play an important role in delivering key Cultural Orientation messages. This page provides resources for community partners and sponsors, including materials to use with newcomers.

Defining Community Partners and Sponsors 


What’s the difference between a community partner and a sponsor?

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Resources for Community Partners

The Community Partner fact sheets support educators, law enforcement, and state public assistance staff in incorporating key Cultural Orientation messages in their service provision.  The fact sheets include tips for effective service delivery, example Cultural Orientation messages relevant to the community partner, and an example activity showing how community partners can incorporate these key Cultural Orientation messages into interactions with newcomers. While the resources contain general information for each service provider, community partners may want to add community-specific information and resources.  

K-12 Educators

Law Enforcement

State Public Assistance Workers

Resources for Sponsors

Once you complete the mandatory trainings required to be certified and serve as a sponsor, you should: 

Resources for Newcomers

The term newcomer includes refugees, Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders, and humanitarian parolees. Community partners and sponsors should review and share CORE’s Settle In resources with newcomers. Be sure to explore these resources before introducing them to newcomers. This will help you answer their questions. Newcomers can access CORE’s multilingual Settle In resources through a website, app, and social media.     

Additional Resources