Resources for Community Partners and Sponsors

Jacqueline (center) shares a Congolese meal with her friends, Chris Johnson, 65, Jenny Hirst, 55, Janna Brown, 29, and Charlie, 16. Jacqueline Uwumeremyi, 43, fled the Democratic Republic of Congo to South Africa in 1998 because of escalating violence. In South Africa, Jacqueline faced constant xenophobia and feared for her and her family's safety.

Resources for Community Partners and Sponsors

Cultural Orientation is a continuous and ongoing process for newcomers resettling to the United StatesAs such, opportunities to deliver key Cultural Orientation messages are not limited to resettlement staff. Receiving communities, including community partners and sponsors (e.g. support teams, co-sponsors, and sponsor circles), also play an important role in delivering key Cultural Orientation messages. This page provides resources for community partners and sponsors, including materials to use with newcomers.

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Defining Community Partners and Sponsors 


Am I a community partner?

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Resources for Sponsors

Once you complete the mandatory trainings required to be certified and serve as a sponsor, you should: 

Resources for Newcomers

The term newcomer includes refugees, Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders and humanitarian parolees from Afghanistan. Community partners and sponsors should review and share CORE’s Settle In resources with newcomers. Be sure to explore these resources before introducing them to newcomers. This will help you answer their questions. Newcomers can access CORE’s multilingual Settle In resources through a website, app, and social media.  

Additional Resources

Destination Guides: These guides provide information on mosques, halal grocery stores, social services, and programming in local communities. These guides are available for the regions listed below.





Disclaimer: Destination Guides were developed by the Department of Homeland Security as a part of the response to the Operation Allies Welcome Mission. The documents, including organizations and businesses listed, do not necessarily represent endorsement and should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government per 5 CFR § 2635.702.