Waiting Room Resources

Clients participate in programs inside the IRC office in Boise

Waiting Room Resources

The Waiting Room Resources for Refugees includes materials CORE has developed to help bridge the pre-departure and post-arrival refugee journey. They are designed to utilize the time refugees spend in waiting areas at RSCs and RAs, making this vital resettlement and Cultural Orientation information practical to use in these environments. Recognizing the benefit of repetition, these resources can increase the number of opportunities refugees have to encounter Cultural Orientation messages, make sure the messages are engaging and accessible to its audience, and ensure that the messages are consistent and harmonized wherever they are encountered.

Palm Cards (4×6)

Settle In Palm Card, Arabic (4×6)

Settle In Palm Card, Burmese (4×6)

Settle In Palm Card, Dari (4×6)

Settle In Facebook and App Palm Card, Dari (4×6)

Settle In Facebook Palm Card, Dari (4×6)

Settle In Palm Card, English (4×6)

Settle In Facebook and App Palm Card, English (4×6)

Settle In Facebook Palm Card, English (4×6)

Settle In Palm Card, Kinyarwanda (4×6)

Settle In Facebook and App Palm Card, Pashto (4×6)

Settle In Facebook Palm Card, Pashto (4×6)

Settle In Palm Card, Russian (4×6)

Settle In Palm Card, Spanish (4×6)


Settle In Palm Card, Swahili (4×6)

Posters (11×17)

Settle In Poster, Arabic (11×17)

Settle In Poster, Burmese (11×17)

Settle In Poster, Dari (11×17)

Settle In Poster, English (11×17)

Settle In Poster, Kinyarwanda (11×17)

Settle In Poster, Russian (11×17)

Settle In Poster, Spanish (11×17)

Settle In Poster, Swahili (11×17)

Flyers (8.5×11)

Settle In Flyer, Arabic (8.5×11)

Settle In Flyer, Burmese (8.5×11)

Settle In Flyer, Dari (8.5×11)

Settle In Facebook Flyer, Dari (8.5×11)

Settle In Flyer, English (8.5×11)

Settle In Facebook Flyer, English (8.5×11)

Settle In Flyer, Kinyarwanda (8.5×11)

Settle In Facebook Flyer, Pashto (8.5×11)

Settle In Flyer, Russian (8.5×11)

Settle In Flyer, Spanish (8.5×11)

Settle In Flyer, Swahili (8.5×11)

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