Integrate Technology into Your Transportation Sessions

The Timsina family looking at photographs on a cell phone while riding a subway in New York. IRC/MCohen
Resettled refugee family in subway
The Timsina family, resettled in New York after years spent in a refugee camp in Nepal: Kushal reviews family photographs with his Baba, on Chet Nath’s new cell phone.

CORE’s Settle In app now includes a Transportation chapter to use with clients. In fact, there are several ways to include technology and make the topic of transportation interactive. Consider the following ideas shared by participants from CORE’s recent virtual practicum and in-person workshops:

1. Use videos or Settle In to provide a preview before reinforcing during a demonstration. For example, show the Public Transportation in the United States video available on the CORE Resettlement Navigator website or complete the Settle In Transportation chapter together before starting your lesson.

One virtual practicum participant also incorporated a YouTube video that demonstrated crossing the street: “I had the clients (who did not speak English at all) guess just from watching the video with no sound which examples were good and bad. When we were out taking the bus together I pointed out these scenarios again to reinforce their learning.”

2. Public transportation orientation is a great opportunity for hands-on learning. When providing public transportation orientation, no matter what level of English, go through the step-by-step process of using a bus or train in real-time to promote long-term self-sufficiency. Navigating public transportation can also include a field trip or tying the trip to a relevant place the refugee will need to go to in the future. After a refugee has successfully taken the bus with resettlement staff, remember to reinforce learning by asking the individual to teach back the steps they just took.

3. Additional practices, based on organizational capacity:

  • Incorporate map-based mobile app and, as available, local public transportation mobile apps into public transportation orientation
  • Depending on your office’s location, consider the feasibility of developing a partnership with the local transportation agency to conduct orientation.

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