CORE Cultural Orientation Knowledge Exchange Workshop Series

A pair of cultural orientation trainers teaching a class of recently resettled refugees at IRC office in Boise. IRC/Jonathan McBride

CORE is excited to announce that, in February, we will be hitting the road for our first CO Knowledge Exchange Workshop Series. The workshop series is an opportunity for domestic CO providers and other resettlement staff to interact with CORE staff and CO colleagues at other resettlement offices. Workshop sessions will promote knowledge exchange, address common challenges, introduce new digital resources, and more. Sites were selected in coordination with PRM targeting locations where staff from multiple agencies and resettlement offices in the same region could attend. The workshops will be held in the following locations and dates:

  • Denver, CO – Tuesday, February 13th
  • Seattle, WA – Thursday, February 15th
  • Cleveland, OH – Tuesday, February 27th
  • Buffalo, NY – Thursday, March 1st

Please contact your Resettlement Agency’s national CO focal point for more details regarding the opportunity to attend one of these workshops.

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