New Promising Practice: Gender-Segregated Cultural Orientation Sessions

Refugee at a CO class

CORE is continuing its “Effective Practice Series” with the release of a second document, examining the practice of gender-segregated Cultural Orientation sessions. Promising Practice: Delivering Gender-Segregated Cultural Orientation Sessions identifies the steps for implementing this practice, along with stories from the field and tips for implementation. These types of sessions allow providers to address common barriers that prevent women from attending or participating in Cultural Orientation, while also enhancing learning through content customization and the creation of a positive learning environment. CORE will host a follow-up webinar to this promising practice in November. CORE would like to extend a special thank you to Cultural Orientation leaders and the offices that participated in sharing their experiences on this subject, including Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services in New Haven, Connecticut; International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Oakland, California; IRC in Richmond, Virginia; IRC in Seattle, Washington; IRC in Silver Spring, Maryland; Kentucky Refugee Ministries in Louisville; and World Relief in Seattle.

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