New Community Cultural Orientation Resources and Webinar

Receiving communities play a critical role in delivering key Cultural Orientation messages. CORE has new resources available to help prepare and support community member involvement in Cultural Orientation delivery. CORE’s new community partner fact sheets support educators, law enforcement, and state public assistance staff in incorporating key Cultural Orientation messages in their service provision. CORE’s cultural exchange activities prepare community members to welcome newcomers and support in the development of cultural competency and humility.  

Want to learn more about CORE’s Community Cultural Orientation activities and resources? Join CORE on April 12, 2023, at 2:00 PM EST for a special 45-minute webinar where we will share resources and findings from our 2022 Community Cultural Orientation pilot. Pilot participant Hannah Lee from Canopy Northwest Arkansas will co-host this webinar. We will review activities completed within the Community CO pilot, share new resources, including the community partner fact sheets and cultural exchange activities, and discuss tips for integrating CORE resources into community programming. 

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