Providers Test New Cultural Orientation Objectives and Indicators

CORE recently completed user testing of the newly approved, updated, and revised Overseas and Domestic Cultural Orientation Objectives and Indicators (O&Is). The purpose of the user testing was to:

  1. Verify if the language and wording of the Updated O&Is is clear and providers know how to implement the O&Is with newcomers;
  2. Assess and identify provider training and resource needs to implement the updated O&Is.

User testing participants included five overseas Cultural Orientation providers from five of the seven Resettlement Support Centers and 13 domestic Cultural Orientation providers representing 13 local resettlement agencies in the U.S. Overseas participants completed two focus groups and designed two lessons using CORE resources on an updated or added overseas Cultural Orientation topic. Users delivered these lessons to over 300 refugees, collecting and sharing with CORE invaluable feedback on the implementation process. Domestic providers participated in one focus group, one individualized user testing session, and completed a survey.

As a result of user testing, CORE has identified areas of training and resource development to support Cultural Orientation providers in implementing the updated O&Is. Be sure to check CORE Connection in the coming months for more updates.

CORE would like to thank the following individuals who participated in user testing:  

Angelique Bell, Kentucky Refugee Ministries  
Caley Donovan, Bethany Christian Services Pittsburgh  
Chris Ryan, CWS Lancaster  
Daphne Danaraj, RSC Asia  
David Redd, Inspirits Atlanta  
Elizabeth Goussetis, CRIS 
Erin Mathews-Edminston, CWS Durham 
Gardenia Villagran, RSC Latin America  
Ilker Senol, RSC TuME   
Jamila Mousavi, ECDC Headquarters  
Lance Shinholser, USCRI North Carolina  
Lillian Al-Shishany, RSC MENA 
Mara Delcamp, RefugeeOne  
Mercy Opiyo, RSC Africa  
Morgan McClure, Commonwealth Catholic Charities 
Urszula Wolanska-Fetts, Catholic Charites Springfield  
Valentyna Ostapets, World Relief Western Washington