CORE’s Year in Review

Catch up on CORE resources you may have missed!


Over the last 14 months, CORE released three backgrounders to aid in the delivery of culturally appropriate Cultural Orientation. Explore or share backgrounders with any individuals working in resettlement.

Settle In Changes

Settle In expanded its services, adding regular live events on Facebook and Help Center articles providing timely and vital information. Share upcoming live events with newcomers to provide extended post-arrival Cultural Orientation messaging.

Cultural Orientation Objectives and Indicators (CO O&Is)

CORE developed new resources to support Cultural Orientation providers in navigating the revised Cultural Orientation Objectives and indicators and promote the critical role they play in resettlement services. Explore the resources below and incorporate them into the onboarding plans of appropriate staff and volunteers.

CORE’s Multilingual Cultural Orientation Glossary

Together with CO providers globally, CORE updated its Multilingual CO Glossary, aligning the terms with the revised CO O&Is. The glossary has 322 terms in ten languages and can serve as a uniform translation document for CO providers and interpreters.