Introducing The Road Ahead, CORE’s new Domestic CO Curriculum

CORE is thrilled to launch The Road Ahead, a new comprehensive domestic Cultural Orientation curriculum that can serve as a foundational resource for Cultural Orientation delivery and planning.   

The Road Ahead offers an organized, interactive, and participant-centered curriculum. It addresses all domestic Cultural Orientation Objectives and Indicators and is flexible for local customization.  

The curriculum includes:  

  • Ready-to-use planning guides and editable presentations 
  • Comprehensive activity instructions  
  • Links to relevant media, and  
  • More!  

What can I do next?  

  • Learn more about The Road Ahead and how to get started through CORE’s introductory webinar, Exploring The Road Ahead

Disclaimer: The Road Ahead: A Domestic Cultural Orientation Curriculum replaces the Making Your Way: A R&P Domestic Cultural Orientation Curriculum. The Making Your Way curriculum is still available on CORE’s website as it contains information that may be helpful to Cultural Orientation providers. However, this curriculum is not in alignment with the revised Cultural Orientation Objectives and Indicators.