Digitize the Wait: New Video and Audio Playlists for Resettlement Office Waiting Rooms

Digitize Wait

Waiting rooms aren’t just for waiting. The spaces can be overlooked, but can potentially serve as an educational touch point for refugees. One way to take advantage of client wait time at your organization’s office is by emphasizing key messages about life in the United States. CORE has videos and podcasts translated in multiple languages […]

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Make It Stick: CORE’s Answer to Delivering Interactive One-on-One Cultural Orientation

A resettlement case worker helping a refugee learn about life in the U.S.

One-on-one Cultural Orientation is an increasingly common part of today’s refugee resettlement experience. Without a group setting for learning, many Cultural Orientation providers are asking the question: “How can I maintain a dynamic learning experience for refugees that applies adult learning principles and includes student-centered activities?” CORE’s newest online lesson, Delivering Interactive One-on-One CO, is […]

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